Easing off the throttle…

So, as you can see, things are changing. Yes, again.

We’re still going to update all the stories here at abmfq.com. But all the side activities, namely the self-promotion… yeah, we’re gonna let that go.

The rush of incoming visitors from advertising was very cool. But while the ads attracted lots of visitors, we weren’t getting many actual readers. Most were looking for something else entirely, which means my ads were being used to game people’s search results. Unacceptable.

The t-shirts didn’t sell, though I confess making them was fun. And as for Patreon… eh. Even as I was creating the account, something felt pathetic about it. Like the entire creative sphere had become an economy of beggars, just passing the same pocket change back and forth.

And the ads that were running here at abmfq.com… for the thousands of eyeballs that saw them, we made twenty-nine cents. Which we cannot even collect. I strongly advise against, for those considering it.

So, donations are still accepted via PayPal, but all the rest has been pared down. That, and the switch to a non-premium WordPress theme, will facilitate downgrading to a much less expensive personal hosting plan, when this current one comes up for renewal.

In all, this whole endeavor will continue with a more modest approach. I wasn’t comfortable with all the chest-puffing, anyway: I wanted to write, not be a full-time marketing professional who only gets to write when all the other hats have come off.

Thanks as always for coming along on this journey. Got a couple of new episodes of Protocol Six in the works; stay tuned!